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Caleb Fitzpatrick & Esther Lusenge

Student Body President & Vice President 2018

A conversation about all of us.

Student Government has the potential to be the key facilitator of growth and leadership development at Liberty. But even more than that, SGA has the power to represent every single student on campus—something that it hasn’t done in the past.

We believe it’s time SGA took ownership of that potential. We believe it’s time SGA facilitated a conversation that matters. A conversation about our role. A conversation about us. All of us.

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Ready to lead with your voice?

Caleb Fitzpatrick

Caleb Fitzpatrick

Caleb is an economics and finance student in his third year at Liberty. Caleb, born and raised in Tampa, Florida, is the oldest of five brothers, citing his role as the oldest sibling as his first and most important leadership position.

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Esther Lusenge

Esther Lusenge

Esther is a Sophomore, pursuing a degree in communications and digital marketing and advertising. She was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo but moved to Kenya when she was young.

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The Plan

SGA is the organization charged with representing the student body to the university administration, the community and the world. SGA oversees university clubs and student organizations and presents proposals for change to the Office of Student Affairs. Our platform is built around using Student Government not to speak for students, but to allow students to speak for themselves.



Clubs are an important aspect of the academic experience. We’re pursuing effective promotions, expedited funding and consistent feedback to make their lives easier.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement

We’re striving to initiate a healing conversation between the residents of Lynchburg and the students of Liberty. We believe that starts with relationship building and social responsibility.



We believe SGA should use its resources to facilitate productive dialogue and reach more students. We plan to host events designed to bring people together.

What people say

Lexy Rutt, 2020, Interdisciplinary Studies

“For me, this campaign isn't about passing bills to get rid of room checks or improve meal plans; it's so much bigger than that. It's about mending our testimony as Christians to the world, speaking up for who we are as a student body - centered and rooted in Christ.”

— Lexy Rutt, 2020, Interdisciplinary Studies

Noah Chafin, 2020, Economics

“To me, this campaign is an opportunity for Liberty students to create a movement built on the issues that matter to us. A chance to speak up for diverse backgrounds and diverse thought. When varying ideas are brought to the table, great things can be accomplished for our students and institution.”

— Noah Chafin, 2020, Economics

Mai Nguyen, 2019, International Business

“As an international student, I try my best to overcome the language and cultural barrier to adapt to life in the U.S. and prove my capability. It means a lot that there are people that genuinely care about the voice of international students. I more attached to the LU community thanks to these two amazing people.”

— Mai Nguyen, 2019, International Business

Claire Renninger, 2020, Entrepreneurship

“I’m extremely passionate about this campaign, and about our school. This campaign means moving our school and its students towards being the best that it can be, as well as strengthening the relationship between our school and the city of Lynchburg. Liberty has sat on the sidelines for too long.”

— Claire Renninger, 2020, Entrepreneurship

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