Haley Bennett, 2020, International Relations

“The movement that Caleb and Esther’s campaign embodies highlights the student bodies current desire to bring about much needed change. It brings to light that students will no longer tolerate the idea that things must remain the way they have always been simply because that change appears too difficult.”

— Haley Bennett, 2020, International Relations

Sam Herrmann, 2018, Strategic Communications

“I've known Caleb since he was in high school, and two characteristics that have always been true about him is that he is both principled and loyal. When he laid out his vision for running for Student Body President, I knew immediately that we needed his vision at Liberty. A leadership that challenges, listens, and encourages is exactly what we need right now.”

— Sam Herrmann, 2018, Strategic Communications

Josh Grant, 2019, International Relations

“Caleb Fitzpatrick is by far the best candidate for Student Body President. As Speaker of the House, he has constantly exemplified the role of a good leader. He understands clearly that his role in student government is not only to lead, but to represent the students at Liberty, and he has done that well.”

— Josh Grant, 2019, International Relations

Constance Schneider, 2021, Industrial Organizational Psychology

“Being a student at Liberty means so much more to me than just taking classes. It means that I am part of a movement that sends young men and women into the world to change it for the better. This campaign enables students from all backgrounds to speak without fear of retribution.”

— Constance Schneider, 2021, Industrial Organizational Psychology

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“More than any two students I know, Caleb and Esther have magnanimous, keen eyes to identify both the beauty and the problems at work in the Liberty community, and singularly possess the skill, experience, and wherewithal to create meaningful change and fully represent student concerns before the administration.”

— Michael Griffith, 2019, English

“To me, this campaign means positive progress -- not an overhaul of tradition but an adaptation to the increasingly diverse population of Liberty students. Beyond just a campaign, it is truly a cause that anyone who wants their voice to be heard can support.”

— Lydia Elrod, 2020, English

“With my Liberty experience drawing to a close, it has been my prayer that my time and impact here will be something worth repeating, worth remembering. I see this campaign as a vessel. One that has the potential to cultivate conversation that ushers in new relationships and heals old ones.”

— Maddie Collins, 2018, Professional Communications

“Ever since I met Caleb in the House of Delegates, he has always been such an incredible leader, empowering others to achieve great things. He and Esther, both, have such a passion for the student body to be accurately represented to the administration.”

— Emrik VanderMark, 2020, Mechanical Engineering

“Caleb and Esther are a duo that represents the full spectrum of voices that Liberty University consists of. They give a voice to those at Liberty that at times haven't felt they've been given a fair say. They are ambitious and ready to give you a voice.”

— Garrett Nelson, 2020, Economics

“This campaign stands for more than who is named the Student Body President; It stands to unite and encourage the student body in reclaiming our voices and forming authentic relationships with the community of Lynchburg. I believe that Liberty University has the potential to change the world, but the world needs to know who Liberty University is.”

— Tessa Wienholt, 2019, Social Work

“Caleb and Esther’s goals for this campaign are values that I think are so important to the growth of Liberty University’s campus. This campaign’s goal is to make each student feel accepted and heard. I hope this brings unity within the Liberty and Lynchburg community.”

— Grace Hargraves, 2018, Strategic Communications

“Caleb and Esther have both shown their passion for serving the student body. This presidential ticket will better the student environment, improve the process for clubs, and develop a great relationship with LU administration.”

— Josh Turbyfill, 2018, Math

“I trust the campaign because after working closely with both Caleb and Esther, I can trust that the Student Body will be accurately represented. Liberty students need a team who will clearly articulate the needs of the campus. There is no better team than Caleb and Esther.”

— Abigail Michos, 2020, Government

“I love Liberty because it is a safe place to grow. It’s a place where you can dialogue with others for the sake of growing and learn to appreciate others’ opinions because of your common identity in Christ. Diversity of thought is a big part of what has made my first year at Liberty so rich.”

— Amanda Wiggins, 2021, Business Communications

“Student Government has an incredibly important mission for Liberty: to be the voice of the students to the administration, and to administer all the clubs on campus. I look forward to working with Caleb and Esther once they are elected.”

— Tim Johnson, 2019, International Relations

“I believe in what our student body is and can be at its core. This campaign has a heart to make the light of Christ the banner we as a student body stand under. When honesty, boldness, and integrity meet, the best kind of change is the result, I believe passionately in what these two dream of doing.”

— Millicent Phillips, 2019, Transmedia Writing

“Advocating for what you believe means stepping out of your comfort zone. As a Latina and International Student, I’ve been able to witness how Caleb & Esther constantly have stepped out to lead with a voice and take action. Let’s join them, because the legacy also starts from us.”

— Becky Lopez, 2020, International Business

“I truly believe Caleb and Esther care about our student body and strive to make our university a better place. I have seen the positive impact they have made on LU in the few years they’ve spent here, and I have no doubt that they will continue to do so through representation of the student body.”

— Alicia Kunkle, 2019, Healthcare Management

“I’m really excited to be a part of this campaign to bring change to Liberty’s campus not only on the political side but also on a student based level. Students should have the freedom to be heard and not judged, as well as express themselves and be loved by others for their differences.”

— Lydia Kalb, 2018, Developmental Psychology-Counseling

“Caleb and Esther are passionate students who want to pass the mic back to students and see real change at Liberty University that reflects Christ in everything. This campaign wants to open the discussion with administration and the city of Lynchburg to make lasting positive changes.”

— Emmy Brien, 2018, Family & Consumer Sciences

“Campaigning to me, shows I stand for something strongly. The main motive for me campaigning with Caleb and Esther is because they stand on making an extraordinary change, and plan to take on considerations that truly reflect the student body.”

— Maddie Schaffer, 2018, Marketing

“Caleb and Esther’s campaign is nothing like anything Liberty has seen before. They are passionate about what they believe, and I know they mean what they say. I am proud to be a part of this team!”

— Katelyn MacMillan, 2020, Strategic Communications

“As a graduating senior, I’ve seen four years worth of student-body campaigns—candidates that have run on similar platforms, similar ideas. What Caleb and Esther have is more than ideas or a platform for some - instead, a movement for all.”

— Mollie Collins, 2018, Strategic Communications

“As a student at Liberty, I’m passionate about engaging with the community around me with the love of Christ by valuing diversity of thought and empathizing with those around me. I believe Caleb and Esther are best equipped to represent our student body through their focus on encouraging various perspectives. ”

— Joel Thomas, 2021, Biomedical Sciences

“This movement means a lot to me because Caleb and Esther are both passionate about bettering Liberty students' relationship with Lynchburg residents. I want to be part of a movement that cares not only about campus affairs but about the greater community as well.”

— Kathryn Legg, 2019, Law & Policy

“From the moment I found out that Caleb and Esther were running in our study body presidential election, I knew without a doubt that they would be the team that I would represent. Not only to they work together seamlessly as a team, but they also are already working seamlessly with the student body and the Lynchburg community. ”

— SK Miller, 2020, Graphic Design

“I left SGA the same week that Caleb Fitzpatrick joined. I saw what SGA was like before his involvement, and since then, he has improved the system dramatically. Without a doubt, Caleb Fitzpatrick has been the most qualified leader in student government throughout my time at Liberty.”

— Dustin Wahl, 2018, Politics & Policy

“I am supporting Caleb and Esther because I am confident they will be catalysts for change where it is needed relating to issues that affect the day to day life of a Liberty student. Likewise, they are passionate about using the position to impact the Lynchburg community.”

— Kayleigh Hamer, 2021, Journalism

“I love the to see the passion Caleb and Esther have towards giving our student body more of a voice. I think that is so important. Also, being a Lynchburg local, I love to see Liberty kids make an effort towards being involved within the community and that’s exactly what this campaign is striving towards.”

— Mallory Moore, 2019, Business Communications

“To me, this campaign isn’t necessarily about changing the way we operate here at Liberty, it’s simply about changing the way the world sees us looking in. It’s time for us to better represent who we are as students and use our voice to share the Gospel with the rest of the world.”

— Dillon Brown, 2019, Business Communications

“For me, this campaign isn't about passing bills to get rid of room checks or improve meal plans; it's so much bigger than that. It's about mending our testimony as Christians to the world, speaking up for who we are as a student body - centered and rooted in Christ.”

— Lexy Rutt, 2020, Interdisciplinary Studies

“To me, this campaign is an opportunity for Liberty students to create a movement built on the issues that matter to us. A chance to speak up for diverse backgrounds and diverse thought. When varying ideas are brought to the table, great things can be accomplished for our students and institution.”

— Noah Chafin, 2020, Economics

“As an international student, I try my best to overcome the language and cultural barrier to adapt to life in the U.S. and prove my capability. It means a lot that there are people that genuinely care about the voice of international students. I more attached to the LU community thanks to these two amazing people.”

— Mai Nguyen, 2019, International Business

“I’m extremely passionate about this campaign, and about our school. This campaign means moving our school and its students towards being the best that it can be, as well as strengthening the relationship between our school and the city of Lynchburg. Liberty has sat on the sidelines for too long.”

— Claire Renninger, 2020, Entrepreneurship

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